How To Update Mac OS9 to 9.2.2

by Richard Vincenti Jr


Okay, this may sound simple enough but if you don’t have the updates on disc somewhere then it can be next to impossible to find the update files for Mac OS 9. Part of the reason it’s so hard to find updates to OS 9 is the fact that Apple has basically dropped all support for the OS. However, the aging OS is still used by many enthusiasts and vintage computer users around the world and if you need to do a clean install you’re going to want the updates. First, let me get you up-to-speed on some of the work you will need to do once you obtain the update files. These steps will help if you have a newer Mac or a Mac with OSX installed and will make the process much easier. Please stick around for the final steps or you might not get things to work.

Once you have downloaded each update folder, you need to prep them before you can use them on your older Mac. This guide assumes you are doing the prep work on a newer version of OS X. Here is what you need to do:

** Please note that attempting to use a USB stick to update instead of a CD-R will likely result in failure. Mac OS 9 doesn’t seem to recognize the files correctly when loaded on to a flash drive. Your best bet is to burn the files to a CD-R.  Also, remember that many older Macs that run OS 9 do not have DVD drives, so don’t forget to use a CD-R for those machines.  A CD-RW may also be suitable.

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